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      Charity activities in Hehe

      20, January, 2020

      On the morning of January 7, 2020, under the leadership of Mr. Ye, a group of 8 people from Jiangsu Hehe Co., Ltd. came to the Jinhai Town Nursing Home to visit and condolences. This is the fourth consecutive year that Hehe Company has sent off to the elderly in the offshore nursing home. Go to New Year’s gifts and well-prepared cultural programs.

      As soon as the car entered the nursing home, Dean Zhang and the elderly in the yard gathered around and cordially took our hands to talk, telling us about the changes in the past year and the interesting things between the elderly.


      After we were seated, we presented a self-written and self-acted program for the old people in the courtyard, bringing laughter to our grandparents and warm applause for us!


      After the performance, in order to improve the food for the elderly in the courtyard, the company funded and provided a rich lunch for the elderly. Mr. Ye also gave them greetings of New Year . Everyone was full of happy smiles!



      Personal feelings from Liu Sheng

      In chatting with the old people, I found that most of them are widows and lonely; a considerable number of them have children, but for various reasons, they have to come to nursing homes to take care of their lives. His words showed concern for his children, and missed his grandchildren! Looking at these silver-haired, wrinkled, stumbling old men, with their expressions of loneliness and loneliness, there was a pain in my heart. It seems that what they lack is not one meal, but company and care! Even a faint smile or a cordial greeting will make them feel extremely warm. Talking with them, chatting with them, even if you don't say anything, and sunbathing together will make them happy all day! "Expand the respect of the aged in one's family to that of other families; expand the love of the young ones in one's family to that of other families", I hope to have the opportunity to participate in such activities more, and I hope more people will care for these dying old people!

      On the return journey, I was full of thoughts. I couldn't help but think of my grandparents. They have reached their old age. Every time they take their children to visit them, it is their happiest time to chat with us and give them treasures secretly, like sweets and snacks, which is for a long time...From now on, I have to take more time to see them, spend more time with them, and do my filial piety more!

      Friends, please check for yourself. Do you still remember your parents’ birthday? And send blessings on the day, or celebrate with them over a meal? Do you know how old your grandparents are this year? How long have you not been with them to chat, eat and coax them happy? No matter how much money is given to them, no matter how much delicious food and good clothes they buy, it will not be worth the joy of family reunion! Therefore, while doing a good job, spend more time with the elderly in your family so that they can feel the care of their children and grandchildren, feel the beauty of life, and have a truly happy old age!

      Personal feelings from Zhu Jinghua

      In the early morning, Mr. Ye led a team of Hehe.He came to the offshore nursing home to visit the elderly. I was a little bit anxious that day, because the weather forecast on Tuesday said it would rain. How can I arrange an outdoor program on cloudy and rainy days? Okay, how can I make the old people feel that the company cares about and value them, but the next day it's beautiful, although it is foggy in the morning, but there is no rain, we can arrange a small show for the old people, the worry is eliminated, and it's here that the place is not unfamiliar, because I have been here last year. I vaguely remember the faces of the old people. Many of them came to see my performance last year. It is probably the person-to-person relationship that President Ye said. Existing connections, even if you haven’t seen each other for a long time, when the faces of old people appear in front of you, the impression will emerge spontaneously. The old people are very enthusiastic and self-reliant. Even if they are inconvenient, they must move their stools to watch the show. Our team, my friends are also very hardworking. At this moment, I feel that the smiles on the faces of the old people have increased. It seems that the hard performance is not in vain. They all laughed. At this moment, I feel that we are good children in the eyes of grandparents.

      After the show, we started to sit and dinner of the New Year's Eve . When the chopsticks were not sent out, the old people sat quietly, all of them looked like obedient pupils. Sometimes the old people are quite cute, like kid who is just in old age.


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